Short Tours

Below are some examples of half day and day tours. Contact us to discuss any combination of these.
We would be pleased to provide a quote based on the number participating and the itinerary

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Parmigiano Cheese:

Learn the full process involved in the production of the milk and making of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, one of Italy’s most famous products...

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Two Bridges:

Walk through the woods to the monolith called Ponte Ercole or Ponte Diavolo. This stone bridge has been crafted by nature over millions of years...

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Weekly Markets:

Join the locals at their weekly market and afterwards have a coffee in one of the many bars and then visit the castle in the local area...

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Fiumalbo & Lago Santo:

Spend the day visiting the mountains of the Frignano and the picturesque town of Fiumalbo and walk around Lago Santo with its awe inspiring setting...

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Visit the elegant city of Modena and its famous Duomo and Ghirlandina bell tower, enjoy the Ferrari museum or shop and have a coffee in Piazza Grande...

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Enjoy Bologna the Italian food capital, wander some of the 45 km of covered arcades and visit the complex of Santo Stefano with its three churches...

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Aceto Balsamico:

We are delighted to offer a rare visit to a local private family Balsameria. Learn all about how this liquid gold is produced and enjoy sampling it...

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Visit the Mummies:

Drive to the picturesque small hamlet of Roccapelago and learn all about the recently discovered naturally preserved Mummies and their history...

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