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Corona Virus

Thank you to everyone who has been in contact with us regarding the presence of the Corona Virus here in northern Italy. While several towns in Lombardia and the Veneto are quarantined, we in Polinago and particularly in the region of Emilia Romagna are not experiencing this.
However, on Sunday 23 February, as soon as the information was made public the regional government of Emilia Romagna immediately announced that all schools, universities, and museums would be closed until 1 March and advised all organisers of festivals being held to celebrate Carnevale this coming weekend, be cancelled. Today 25 February there are 16 cases in Piacenza (furthermost northern city in Emilia Romagna) 2 cases in Parma and 1 in Modena.
All the above cases are attributable to the outbreak in Lombardia. We will keep you informed as we receive further information.
See how parmesan cheese is made; learn about the differing qualities of Balsamic Vinegar, have a degustation dinner, wine tasting and in the summer attend the local festas and eat the traditional foods. Of course visits to the local food markets also a must.

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