The following are some of the places to visit or things to do during your stay.

We can arrange visits to various places of interest depending on what you wish to see and do and the time you have available

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Food and Wine

The region of Emilia Romagna is famous for its cuisine which is based around the use of the famous Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Balsamic Vinegar, Parma Ham, Cottechino, freshly made pastas and Lambrusco wine. Modena is also home of the Michelin three starred restaurant La Francescana.
See how parmesan cheese is made; learn about the differing qualities of Balsamic Vinegar, have a degustation dinner, wine tasting and in the summer attend the local festas and eat the traditional foods. Of course visits to the local food markets also a must.

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Cooking Classes

Try a cooking class where you will learn to cook some of the local dishes such as the stuffed pasta called Tortelli and the special sauces as well as Crescentini, and desserts like crostata.

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The countryside is perfect for walkers or more serious hikers. We can provide guides to take you up into the stunning mountain area or maps for self-guided walks of the local area; you can stroll through the woods to visit the monolithic Ponte d’Ercole; or just ramble along the quiet country roads.

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Horse Riding

There are several riding schools and stables in the area. The stables in Polinago will take you riding along a variety of treks available anywhere from several hours to overnight and several days. This is one of the most delightful methods of exploring the district. Please note that suitable shoes, such as boots or sturdy lace-ups are a requirement.

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The area is both a road and mountain bike rider’s dream with many kilometres of road and off road routes available. Italians are passionate about cycling and it is possible to hire both road and mountain bikes and helmets at a reasonable cost. Be advised that the area has extremely hilly terrain.

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Local ski fields are approximately 45 minutes to an hour away at several locations on Mt Cimone (2,165 mt) and a little further afield in Tuscany at Abetone. All ski equipment is available for hire and lift prices are moderate. Downhill skiing along with cross country skiing, snowshoe walking and snowboarding are all available. The nearby town of Pian di Monchio has gentle learner slopes and snow activities for young children.

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Markets and Shopping

Most of the small towns in the area have weekly market, and in Polinago the weekly Thursday market has been held in the town since 1614, there are a number of far larger markets to explore in the area. For the shopaholic there are factory outlets near Mantova as well as the elegant shops of Modena and Bologna.

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Boys Toys

The provinces of Modena and Bologna are famous as the homes of mechanical wonders such as the Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini car factories and Ducati motor cycles. Visits can be arranged depending on time available. It is also possible to arrange for you to drive a Ferrari on the road and around the race track.

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Painting and Photography

The area has many places with breathtaking scenery. Each season brings its own specific delights. We would be delighted to show you special private spaces and places to paint or photograph as you wish or even to just sit and enjoy. We are also able to arrange small Painting & Photography classes with local artists.

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The cities of Modena, Bologna, Parma and further afield, Ferrara and Mantova all have a number of museums, galleries and churches to visit. It is possible to arrange to visit these cities as well as some of the smaller castles and museums which are less notable but just as interesting.
There are a number of a small private museums of original wooden farming implements and furniture which has been collected over the years. In nearby Gombola there is a working water mill which grinds wheat, and chestnuts into flour and also the site of Gombola Castle which was until the 1800s the local residence of the Gombola family and seat of government.

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The provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia are dotted with small castles, some going back to the 12th century. Ranging from ruins to those in public and private hands and a number of them are regularly open to the public.

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